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Whether you’re marketing a property, promoting an event or hoping to resolve an architectural dispute, elevated photography is the ideal way to capture your subject.
A heightened angle can bring subjects to life, and offers you the chance to show the whole picture rather than an uninspiring 2D image.
In previous times, aerial photography involved chartering a light-aircraft and taking photographs from the plane. An expensive process, the approach is greatly inflexible and relies much on the weather and necessary clearance for the flight. utilises mast technology, rather than aircraft, to capture the sought-after ‘top-down’ image. This elevated photography (sometimes referred to as ground-based aerial photography) has a number of benefits over aircraft photography.

It’s less expensive for you.
The images we capture are high quality - but the prices are low. Chartering a light aircraft to achieve very similar photos is, by comparison, greatly expensive.

It’s quicker.
We arrive, set up the mast, take the photos and, assuming you are happy with the results, we leave. We take great care over our photographs, but even so we can have the job done in the time it takes to get an aircraft of the ground.

It’s the ‘greener’ option.
We are all now acutely aware of global warming, carbon emissions and the need to cut down our carbon footprint. Chartering aircraft to take photographs of your property or event is potentially damaging to the environment - our mast equipment gives off precisely no carbon emissions.

It’s more flexible.
Angles are easily adjusted using our mast technology, meaning we can tweak the shot until we get the perfect image. What’s more, because the lightweight mast is compact and easy to move, we can set up in areas that aircraft could never reach.

For examples of our elevated photography, view our gallery.
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